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Welcome to Any Step Community Services (AsCs): Nourishing Lives, Building Communities

Established in 2017, Any Step Community Services (AsCs) stands as a beacon of compassion in the heart of the Greater Dallas/Fort Worth area. As a 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit organization, our mission is simple yet profound: to provide nutritional non-perishable food to older adults in our community.

Our Commitment: Advocating for Food Equity and Wellness

At AsCs, we believe that every step, no matter how small, can create a significant impact. Through strategic partnerships with like-minded businesses and individuals who share our vision, we champion the cause of food equity. Our aim extends beyond mere sustenance; we strive to improve the quality of life for older adults by imparting knowledge on nutrition and wellness.

How We Make a Difference:

  • Donations with Purpose: Through generous donations of nutritional non-perishable food, we directly address the needs of older adults facing food insecurity. Our approach is rooted in dignity and respect, ensuring that every contribution makes a meaningful difference.


  • Advocacy for Change: By fostering alliances with businesses and individuals who align with our mission, we advocate for systemic change in the landscape of food equity. We believe that collective action is the key to creating lasting, positive transformations in our community.


  • Education for Empowerment: Beyond the immediate relief of providing food, we empower older adults with the knowledge they need to make informed choices about their nutrition and overall wellness. Through educational initiatives, we strive to build a community that is well-nourished in both body and spirit.


Join Us in Making Every Step Count:

AsCs invites you to be a part of this journey toward a healthier, more connected community. Whether you're contributing to our cause, sharing our advocacy, or seeking to enrich your own understanding of nutrition and wellness, every step you take with us is a step towards a brighter, more nourished future.

Thank you for being a vital part of the Any Step Community Services family.


Our Founders' Journey: A Personal Commitment to Alleviating Food Insecurity

At the heart of Any Step Community Services lies a story of personal conviction and a shared commitment to making a difference. Our founder Sydney and her  husband Sherman Diggs draw their passion for alleviating food insecurity from profound personal experiences.


Sydney's Story: A Witness to Resilience

Raised in a single-parent home after her parents' divorce, Sydney observed her mother navigate life with unwavering determination. Working tirelessly as a gerontological nurse for over thirty years, Sydney's mother faced the challenge of surviving on meager Social Security benefits. Witnessing her mother's daily struggle ignited Sydney's determination to make a difference. Without the support of Sydney and her husband Sherman, her mother would have faced an even more challenging journey to secure nutritious food.

Sherman's Journey: From Poverty to Advocacy

As the youngest of thirteen, Sherman's upbringing was marked by the hardships of a single-parent household after his parents separated. Personally acquainted with the realities of poverty and hunger, Sherman's life experiences became the driving force behind his unwavering passion for ensuring food equity for all.


A Turning Point: Impactful Journey to Costa Rica

In 2016, the Diggs embarked on a transformative journey with their dear friends Michael and Seidy Trent to Costa Rica. Inspired by the experience, Sydney organized a visit to an elder facility in Heredia, Costa Rica. The couple generously donated undergarments, hygienic products, and sandals, recognizing the immense need within the community. The impact of this trip prompted Sydney to return to Costa Rica with even more donations, this time filling the local food pantry.

A Local Focus: Bridging the Gap for North Texas Seniors

Spurred by their experiences abroad and a deep-rooted sense of responsibility, Sydney and Sherman redirected their efforts towards supporting seniors in North Texas who lacked family and resources. Acknowledging the increasing challenges faced by poor and disadvantaged seniors in accessing essential services, Sydney, with the unwavering support of Sherman, founded Any Step Community Services.

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