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Founded in 2017, Any Step Community Services (AsCs) is a  501c3 tax-exempt non-profit organization that  donates nutritional non-perishable food to older adults in the Greater Dallas/Fort Worth area. Through our association with like-minded businesses and individuals, we advocate food equity and improve quality of life through education on nutrition and wellness.

Our Story

The Diggs' passion to alleviate food insecurity is driven by personal experiences.   Sydney was raised in a single-parent home after her parents divorced.  Sydney witnessed her mother, who worked for over thirty years as a gerontological nurse, struggle to survive on her meager Social Security benefits. Without the help of Sydney and her husband Sherman, her mother would not have been able to buy nutritious food. 


Sherman, the youngest of thirteen, was also raised in a single parent home after his parents separated.  He experienced first-hand what it was like to live in poverty and to experience hunger. His life experience fueled his passion for food equity for all.


In 2016, the Diggs accompanied two of their dearest friends Michael and Seidy Trent to Costa Rica.  Sydney was inspired to organize a visit to an elder facility in Heredia, Costa Rica and donate undergarments, hygienic products, and sandals.  Moved by the needs, Sherman and Sydney would travel to Costa Rica again with more donations and fill the food pantry.


After that experience, Sydney was determined to focus her efforts on North Texas area seniors who were without family or resources. Recognizing that it was becoming increasingly difficult for poor and disadvantaged seniors to obtain services, with the support of her husband Sydney founded a non-profit organization to support senior food-insecurity and provide quality of life support through advocacy and education.

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