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Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Our mission at Any Step Community Services is to support older adult households with essential needs in the Greater Dallas area. We place a high importance in recognizing cultural diversity and we strive to meet the needs without regard to race, ethnicity, gender, or religion.  


Did you know that nearly five million senior citizens aged 60 and older struggle with hunger?

In the next two decades, the number of seniors is projected to increase significantly and consequently, the number of seniors facing hunger is expected to rise.

The highest rates of food insecurity in seniors are found in the following categories:

  • Older Americans living in the southern United States

  • African-Americans/Hispanics

  • Women

  • The divorced/or separated   

  • Renters

  • The unemployed or the disabled

  • The less educated

  • Those living alone or with children


Please consider donating your time and money to help Any Step Community Services alleviate food insecurity.

For more information send email: 

You can make donations from our Amazon Wish List:

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